There are four great reasons for getting your wages paid straight into your Cashplus prepaid Gold Mastercard® card Account:

Save money

Getting wages paid into your Cashplus Account could save you at least £510 per year with cheque cashing fees of 5% if you earn £850 per month.

How much could you save?


It also saves lots of time in travelling and queuing at cheque cashers. And it’s safer than wages paid in cash – if the card is lost, we can replace it and the money on it as long as you’ve used the card in line with our Terms and Conditions.

It’s easy

It works the same as having your pay wages paid into any bank account. After you receive your card:

  1. Print out the Cashplus wages payment form
  2. Using black ink, fill in your details and your Cashplus Gold Account details including:
    • Payee name (employee’s first and last name)
    • Sort Code: 08-71-99
    • Cashplus Account Number (your unique 8 digit Cashplus Account Number, which you’ll find on the ‘Account details’ screen in the Online Servicing)
  3. Sign and date the form
  4. Give this form to your employer to process
  5. Simply fill out another form for your partner’s salary/wages if you want

It’ll only take you a couple of minutes to complete the form – view our wages payment form example as a guide.

So, save yourself a lot of time and money – get your wages paid straight into your Cashplus Account.