If you want to regularly top up your Cashplus prepaid Gold Mastercard® card Account with the same amount of money on the same date, set up a Standing Order from your bank and relax.

A great way to budget

Having a regular top up sent to your Cashplus Account could help you:

It’s easy and hassle free, whether you do it online or by phone. Top up any amount from £10 up to £5,000 for free, up to a maximum balance of £5,000.

Set up your Standing Order online

If you have an online bank account, just input the following details:

It’s vital that you use your Cashplus Account Number and Sort Code, otherwise your money will take longer to arrive into your Cashplus Account.

Set up your Standing Order

  1. Print off our Standing Order Form
  2. Complete it with the above details and take it to your bank
  3. Or call your bank and give them the above details

It will only take you a couple of minutes to complete the form – view our Standing Order form example

To find out how much and how fast you can top up, view our comparison table.