It’s a prepaid card, so you need to top up your account with money before using. That’s why it is sometimes known as a pay as you go credit card or a top up credit card.

There are 5 easy ways to top up your prepaid card, at thousands of locations across the UK. We’ll also give you a unique 8 digit Account Number and Sort Code, just like any High Street bank, for topping up electronically.

Like a pay as you go phone, a pay as you go card or prepaid card is topped up and you can only spend what you load.

Top up with your bank

Top up for free, 24/7 via online or phone banking.

Top up by Standing Order

Receive payments online. Set up regular and free inbound transfers into your Cashplus Account via a UK bank account.

Top up with your wages

Have your employer pay your wages straight into your Cashplus Account, just like a High Street bank account.

Top up at Cashplus stores

Top up across the UK – money is available in minutes.

Top up via your local Post Office® branch

You can top up your account with cash at any UK branch.

Need help with topping up?

Find out how much you can top up and how quickly it will appear in your account.

To top up your Cashplus prepaid Gold Mastercard® Account using your bank account, or to have wages paid into your Cashplus Account, you’ll need to have an account with Total Access.

Apply now for a Cashplus card, one of the UK’s leading pay as you go cards.