There are lots of quick and easy ways to top up your Cashplus prepaid Gold Mastercard® account using your bank account – and they’re all free.

Simply transfer money from any UK bank account online, in branch or over the phone, or set up a Standing Order to make regular top ups.

It’s very convenient to set up a bank transfer to your Cashplus Account:

  1. Login to your internet banking account, or contact your bank
  2. Set up a payment using the following details:
    • Payee name: (Cashplus cardholder’s first and last name)
    • Sort code: 08-71-99
    • Account number: (You can find your unique 8 digit Account Number on the ‘Account Details’ screen in Online Servicing) Online Servicing details closeup
    • The amount you want to transfer

It’s vital that you use your Cashplus Account Number and Sort Code – otherwise your money will take longer to get into your Cashplus Account.

Cashplus top up processing times

For top up payments we receive by 9:00pm, the money will be available the same day (including Bank holidays). For top up payments we receive after 9:00pm, the money will be available the next day.

Please note, Bacs payments take 3 business days to be received but are available to spend the same day we receive them.

Please note:

To find out how much and how fast you can top up, visit our Making and Receiving Payments page.