Choose the right Cashplus Account for you

We offer monthly, fee free and annual account options for you to choose from.

The Cashplus prepaid Gold MasterCard® card is one of the most awarded in the UK, and one of the most well thought out payment cards out there.

What is prepaid?

It’s a prepaid card so you generally top up the card with your own money and then use it just like a typical debit card from a traditional High Street bank. And that means there are no credit checks needed to get one, even though this Cashplus card is also jam packed with unexpected valuable benefits and features.

So whether you’re after anything from a great alternative to a bank account, to a line of credit, this prepaid card offers the lot.

Better than a High Street current account

Credit where it’s due

Once you have a Cashplus prepaid card with Total Access, you could add:

Useful in all sorts of ways

With all the benefits and features shown above, a Cashplus prepaid card is extremely useful to almost anyone. From the online shopper wanting help with getting his or her money back if what’s paid for doesn’t match what arrives, to people and households needing to cope with a tight budget.

And whatever you need this prepaid card for, you’ll get instant approval when you apply now.