If you’re travelling to the Eurozone or need to make payments in Euros, save time and money by ordering a Cashplus Euro Travel Money Card

If you already have a Cashplus prepaid Gold Mastercard®, you can quickly sign up for our Euro Currency Card. This card takes away the pain usually associated with converting your GBP to Euros by saving you from having to travel to a bureau de change or bank, or having to waste time in a queue waiting to be served.

You could save a lot of money

That’s because with the Cashplus Euro Currency Card there are:

The secure way to carry Euros

These days it’s just not a good idea to walk about with large quantities of currency in cash. After all, apart from making you a target for robbery, if money is lost or stolen there’s virtually no chance of getting it back.

But if you’re unexpectedly parted from your Cashplus Euro Currency Card, you can just order a replacement and we can put the money back on it, just as long as the original card has been used in line with our Terms and Conditions.

Existing customers – order your Euro Travel Money Card now

As a Cashplus Gold cardholder with Total Access, getting your Euro Card’s very quick and easy.

  1. Login to Online Servicing
  2. Click on the ‘Foreign Currency Card’ button
  3. Confirm your personal details
  4. Select ‘Euro card’
  5. Your new Euro Card will be with you in 3-5 working days

If you don’t already have a Cashplus prepaid Gold Account, order one and once your account’s set up, follow steps 1-5 above.

Getting Euros has never been easier

Once you’ve got your Euro Card, loading Euros is simple. You can transfer money from your Cashplus Gold card easily online through Online Servicing, anywhere in the world.

Transfer GBP to Euros in Online Servicing