Tired of paying over the odds for exchanging money at the airport? With a Cashplus travel money card you not only get a highly competitive exchange rate, but you can exchange your money online at your convenience and pay in the local currency.

Our travel money cards explained

We currently offer currency cards in two denominations: Euros and US Dollars. Both offer the same money-saving features when used to make transactions in the same currency as the card:

Keep safe – don’t carry cash around

Set a travel budget and stick to it

Our prepaid travel cards are linked to a GBP Cashplus prepaid Gold Mastercard card account, so you can transfer funds with a few clicks of a mouse in the secure Online Servicing. That means you can set what you think you can sensibly afford to spend on your trip, and not go over it. On the other hand, if you need extra currency in an emergency, you could quickly transfer more money onto your currency card.

But stick to your budget and there’s no worrying about overspending, being faced with a stack of bounced bills once you get home, or having to pay unexpected and hefty service fees.

So next time you visit the Eurozone or the USA, take a Cashplus prepaid travel card with you and have a break from the usual currency hassles.

Find out more about our Euro or US Dollar travel money cards

Cashplus Euro travel money card

Specifically for use across the Eurozone.

Available to existing customers

Cashplus US Dollar travel money card

Perfect for paying with throughout the USA.

Available to existing customers