It’s hard to imagine life without a credit or debit card – they’re vital for everything from shopping online and buying tickets for events, to booking cheap flights and hotel rooms.

A great alternative is a prepaid card and our card is one of, if not the best available in the UK. It looks just like a credit or debit card and you can use the account for many of the same things, such as shopping online, making payments whilst travelling abroad, setting up Direct Debits and making Payments and Transfers to and from the account.

Easy to get

Once we verify your identity, you’re 100% guaranteed* to get a Cashplus prepaid Gold Mastercard. We don’t perform any credit checks to open an account, so you’re as good as approved for our prestigious Gold card. There’s no minimum income you have to earn and you don’t have to have a bank account.

Easy to use

You just:

  1. Load your card’s account at over thousands of locations across the UK
  2. Use the card to make purchases online, in store, over the phone, at home or abroad, wherever you see the Mastercard Acceptance Mark
  3. Use it like a bank account to pay regular bills with Standing Orders and Direct Debits, accept wages from your employers and more

Easy to top up

You can pay into the Cashplus card’s account with your money in lots of easy ways, from bank transfers and wages payments, to any UK Post Office branch or Cashplus retail outlet.

And, it comes with some great extras

The Cashplus prepaid Mastercard comes with a whole range of valuable benefits, from online shopping to Creditbuilder, the unique feature that could build your credit rating – at no extra cost.

In addition to the Creditbuilder option, Cashplus prepaid cards are currently the only ones that offer all this:

Rest assured, your money’s safe when you use the Cashplus prepaid Mastercard because our personalised cards feature enhanced security with Chip and PIN technology and fraud protection.

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