Sign up for this valuable benefit from Cashplus and arrange up to 30 payments and Standing Orders per month

So if you keep the account topped up with money, you need never miss a payment again. And you’ll avoid late fees and protect your credit history at the same time.

You can use your Cashplus Account to make regular payments for everything from satellite subscriptions to your rent or mortgage and utilities as well as other important bills, such as loan repayments. It can also pay annual bills, such as for a TV licence.

Any payment of the same amount each month can be paid using your Cashplus Account.

Please take a look at what you need to know about our payments and Standing Orders service below. It contains important information about the processing of payments.

Once you have your Cashplus card, visit Online Servicing to register and set up your payments.

Please note that any payments made for goods or services via our Payments and Transfers feature in Online Servicing aren’t covered by Purchase Protection. To get this protection, please make the payment using your Cashplus card instead.

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