From time to time, most people run out of money – but bills and expenses have a habit of continuing to roll in.

Have money ready to use whenever yours runs out

The Cashplus Overdraft is the answer. It works pretty much the same way as those offered by High Street banks. So it can take the pressure off, because it’s a re-usable line of credit attached to your Cashplus prepaid Mastercard® Account, ready and waiting to kick in whenever you run out of your own money, subject to you meeting and continuing to meet APS’ lending criteria. And once set up, you can use it again and again as you pay it back.

You can use the Overdraft on whatever you need:

What’s more, there’s no interest to pay – just an annual fee and then it’s just a flat fee for each day that you have a balance on your Overdraft. And remember, the sooner you repay the Overdraft, the cheaper it could work out. What’s more, setting up a Cashplus Overdraft is easy.

Add an Overdraft to your account in 3 simple steps:

We’ll let you know by email and in Online Servicing when a Cashplus Overdraft is available for you. Then just:

  1. Visit Online Servicing and click on the ‘Overdraft’ button on the left
  2. Read your personalised offer documentation
  3. ‘Accept’ the Terms & Conditions

Your Overdraft will then be in place in just a few hours.

Please note, you need to have a Total Access Account and be registered for Online Servicing to get your Overdraft, as this is the only way to sign up for it. If you’re not already registered, please visit Online Servicing to ‘Register’. And if you don’t already have a Cashplus Account, apply now in a couple of minutes. If you live in the UK and you’re over 18, you’re 100% guaranteed* to be approved for one.

Representative example:

Overdraft amount: £100 for 12 months, 0% interest, 75p per day flat usage fee, capped at £10 per monthly statement period, plus an annual fee of £20. Total amount payable: £240. Representative 230% APR.

Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to