Direct Debits take care of bills for you so you never forget to make a regular payment again:

The UK’s favourite way to pay

Our Direct Debit service can automatically pay your bills for you – any amount on any date (even if they change).

And because many businesses find Direct Debits the easiest way to get paid, they sometimes offer discounts when you pay them this way – so you could save hundreds of pounds a year. No wonder over half of those who pay bills in the UK choose this option.

Yet there’s so much more to our service, making it the best Direct Debit service currently on offer in the UK.

What makes our Direct Debit service so good:

  1. Payments may bounce alerts – If a Direct Debit you’ve set up on your Cashplus Account looks like it’s going to fail, we alert you before the payment’s due, giving you time to pay money into your account if needed
  2. Debit Protect – if you can’t pay money in for any reason, you could be automatically approved for an emergency one-off loan of up to £1,000, guaranteed to cover a Direct Debit payment if you’re short. Check Online Servicing to see if you’re already approved or look out for a text or email from us

How to set-up Direct Debits

Just contact the organisations you’d like to pay (e.g. your electricity supplier) and give them the following details:

Look out for our email confirming everything’s set up – and remember to keep your Cashplus Account topped up! You can then manage and view your Direct Debits via Online Servicing under ‘Payments & Transfers’. Please see your Terms and Conditions for details of any relevant fees.

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And of course, for complete peace of mind, you’ll be covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee scheme. So if an error is made in the payment of a Direct Debit by the organisation that you wanted to pay, or by Cashplus, a full and immediate refund will be made.

If you’re not already a Cashplus customer, sign up in a couple of minutes.

Make sure your Cashplus Account’s topped up!

If you pay-in by bank transfer – you could have the money ready to spend the same day1. Find out more about this top up method and see details on another three quick and easy ways to keep your account ready to take care of bills.

Many of our customers find that the most convenient way to regularly top up a Cashplus Account with enough to pay bills is to have their wages paid straight into their Cashplus Account. It’s free and easy – just complete our Wages Payment Form in black ink and give it to your employer.

1For top up payments we receive by 9:00pm, the money will be available the same day (including Bank holidays). For top up payments we receive after 9:00pm, the money will be available the next day.

Please note, Bacs payments take 3 business days to be received but are available to spend the same day we receive them.

Better than a bank account

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As you can see, with our Direct Debit service, a Cashplus Account offers the same features as electronic banking services from traditional banks, plus a whole lot more.