The Cashplus prepaid Gold Mastercard® is outstanding because it’s the only prepaid card in the UK to offer all the following extras.

Payments and Transfers

Save yourself time and hassle with our Payments and Transfers service. It’s the simple way to take care of everything from annual bills (such as for your TV licence) to regular payments – for everything from your rent or mortgage to satellite TV and utility bills.

Direct Debit

Our service is the best currently offered in the UK. It pays your bills automatically, gives you advance warning if a payment’s likely to bounce and can offer a one-off emergency loan of up to £1,000 to cover a payment shortfall.


Ever had credit problems in the past or never had credit? Well, Creditbuilder could make a huge difference to you by helping you improve your rating. That could open the doors to credit in the future. All at no extra cost.


The Cashplus iDraft is a reusable line of credit linked to your Cashplus Account. It can take the pressure off by having extra money ready for cash withdrawals, paying bills and making purchases.


Ever needed money in a real hurry, for sorting out anything from a leaky boiler or a car that needs urgent repairs to an unexpectedly high utility bill? Well, an iAdvance of up to £400 could be a real lifeline for you!

Free travel money cards

Our Euro and US Dollar currency cards can save you time and money. Linked to your Cashplus GBP account, you can transfer funds back and forth with a few clicks of a mouse in Online Servicing.


Use your Cashplus card at our exclusive Cashback online store that’s packed with 100s of big brands and you’ll get money back for free on absolutely everything you buy there.

Additional cards

By getting additional cards you can do everything from pooling cash for bills in a flat share to giving kids aged 13+ a safe way to pay.