Having a good credit rating’s essential because it can help you with everything from getting a good deal on a loan to approval for a mortgage. If you’ve had problems with credit in the past, never had credit, been hit by CCJs or you’re new to the UK, Cashplus Creditbuilder could help improve your credit rating – at no extra cost.

And there are lots of reasons why you should add Creditbuilder to your Cashplus card’s account at no extra cost:

Representative example:

Amount lent by APS: £71.40 for 12 months, 0% interest. 12 monthly payments of £5.95. Total amount payable: £71.40. Representative 0% APR.

Build or improve your credit rating and history

Lenders like to see that you’ve successfully repaid debts in the past before they give you credit. If you’re new to the UK, only 18 or never had credit before, you may suffer from a ‘thin credit file’. Creditbuilder could add information to your credit profile, which could help show that you’re a reliable, creditworthy customer.

The more loans you’ve successfully repaid, the better your credit rating’s likely to be. Creditbuilder could add loan repayments to your credit history without costing you any extra. This could improve your chances of being approved for credit in the future.

If you’ve missed payments or have County Court Judgements (CCJs), lenders could see your poor credit history and see you as a bad risk. Although we can’t fix that, Creditbuilder can add successful loan repayments to your profile and that could improve your credit rating – so don’t miss out on this valuable feature.

Add Creditbuilder to your Cashplus Mastercard prepaid card

Not a Cashplus customer yet?


Already have a Cashplus card?


Once you have the card, adding Creditbuilder is easy. Just open a Cashplus account with Total Access and a monthly pricing plan. If you don’t already have a Cashplus card, order one now.

Once you have a Total Access account with a monthly pricing plan, simply:

  1. Go to Online Servicing
  2. Login and just click the Creditbuilder button on the left hand side
  3. Follow the simple onscreen instructions

After you’ve signed up for Creditbuilder, in Online Servicing we’ll send you an email to confirm we’ve received your registration – and when we set up your Creditbuilder account, we’ll send you a welcome email.

Offer availability is based on the account remaining in good standing and meeting APS’ credit criteria.

How Creditbuilder works

Assuming you manage other credit responsibly your credit rating should improve.

What’s more, on top of helping you to improve your credit rating, you would be able to use your Cashplus prepaid Gold Mastercard to make purchases and withdrawals wherever the Mastercard Acceptance Mark is displayed.

Important note:

Payments must be made on time to avoid damaging your credit rating further, as both on-time and late payments are reported to the credit reference agencies. To avoid this, make sure that your account always has a balance equal to your monthly fee, either £5.95 or £9.95 (see your terms and conditions to confirm your fee). If you think that you may not be able to make a payment, contact us in advance so that we can try and help.

Tips on improving your credit rating

Your credit rating is vital to your financial health. Download our guide to improving your credit rating to find out more.