There are lots of great reasons for getting additional cards: offering kids at university a lifeline, sharing money with family and friends at home or abroad or to separate personal spending from business expenses.

You can have up to four additional prepaid cards and there are no additional monthly or annual costs once you’ve bought them.

Safe way for kids over 13 to pay

Manage household expenses

Cheap alternative to money transfer

Money Share to India is not approved by Indian legislation.

Ideal when you’re travelling

Order additional cards – it’s simple

Once you’ve set up your own Cashplus prepaid card Account (the primary account):

  1. Login to Online Servicing
  2. Select ‘Add cardholder’ from the menu on the left and enter the details requested
  3. The additional Cashplus card(s) should arrive in 3-5 working days

Send the cards to family or friends and once the card’s activated and the PIN is retrieved, the receiver can then either withdraw money at any ATM or make purchases wherever they see the Mastercard Acceptance Mark.