Our Cashplus cards make a world of difference for business and holiday travellers.

Taking cash abroad and exchanging it up for the local currency can be a nightmare, and there’s always the risk of your cash being lost or stolen. But we have convenient solutions – wherever you go.

Choose which currency is right for you

Cashplus prepaid Gold Mastercard®

Welcomed worldwide in over 200 countries.

Available to new customers.

Cashplus Euro travel money card

Specifically for use across the Eurozone.

Available to existing customers.

Cashplus US Dollar travel money card

Perfect for paying with throughout the USA.

Available to existing customers.

Safer than carrying cash around

There’s less risk of overspending

Welcomed worldwide – just look for the Mastercard Acceptance Mark

Easy to pay into and manage your Cashplus card

Get a Cashplus prepaid card – it’s your passport to smoother travelling.