It’s quicker and easier to pay your bills with Cashplus.

A Cashplus prepaid card saves you time on writing cheques, and it’s safer than carrying cash around to pay large bills.

Great for regular payments

As a Cashplus customer, you can use your card’s account to pay your regular bills automatically either by Direct Debit or Standing Order. Both are great ways to settle bills, including:

Compare our payment services

Direct Debit service Standing Orders

Pay any amount on any date, or the same amount on a pre-set date

Pay the same amount on a fixed date

Insufficient funds Alerts

To give you time to top up.

Top up alerts – free warning

If your account balance is too low to cover a payment, we’ll let you know.

Up to £1,000 one-off emergency loan

We can pre-approve you for Debit Protect – guaranteed to pay a bill when you can’t

iAdvance – borrow up to £400

Guaranteed to be paid in one hour if approved, for anything from repairs to covering a Standing Order bill

Set-up as many Direct Debits as you like

Save time on paying bills

Make up to 20 Standing Orders each month

Make regular payments via Online Servicing

Save up to £90 on electricity and gas per year1

Many companies prefer getting paid by Direct Debit and offer discounts when you sign up to pay this way

Helps you meet payment deadlines

You’ll also avoid ‘late fees’ from the organisation you want to pay

1Source: Discount example from npower, as at 03/06/2014.

Handy for one-off bills

You can settle one-off and annual bills yourself online or over the phone using your Cashplus card. In fact, you can quickly pay any bill from any organisation that accepts Mastercard®.

Whichever way you choose to pay your bills, it’s easy to pay into your Cashplus Account so it’s ready to take care of payments and avoid late payment fees! Forget cash – start paying your bills the quick and easy way – with Cashplus.