With so many companies being declined for credit and bank facilities, the Cashplus Business Account is better than a traditional corporate card or a business bank account.

The Cashplus prepaid business card provides many of the same benefits without the hassles and hefty charges.

100% instant online decision – whatever your company’s status

Better than a High Street business bank account:

Excellent as business and expense cards

Cut payroll time and processing costs

It can cost around £10 per company cheque once you’ve factored in banking fees and your own staff’s salary and time, so you can save up to £52,000 per year in payroll costs alone.

  Annual savings if you process your payroll…
Number of employees …Monthly …Weekly
20 £2,400 £10,400
50 £6,000 £26,000
100 £12,000 £52,000

The savings above were calculated using the following assumptions:

£10 cost per cheque issued based on assumed costs of £2 for payroll administrator, £2 for director sign off, £2 reconciliation, £3 query management including lost/stolen replacements and £1 banking and postage fees

Weekly pay is based on 52 weeks, with 1 cheque per weekly payroll cycle per employee

Great for employees:

Having wages paid direct eliminates cheque cashing fees and it’s safer than carrying large amounts of cash

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Your business and your employees can benefit from the Cashplus prepaid Gold Mastercard