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We understand that the key challenge for local councils and government is to cut costs where possible and increase controlled service choice for Service Users at the same time.

One of the fastest growing providers to government

We’ve built up extensive experience in helping councils across the UK to drive efficiencies, significantly cut costs and streamline their benefits and expenses disbursement processes.

Councils which are currently benefiting from our unique disbursement solutions include the London Borough of Merton, Nottinghamshire County Council, London Borough of Lewisham, City of York Council & Bury Council.

The Cashplus prepaid Mastercard® allows councils to offer the end Service User choice, while also being able to impose tight spending control and convenient audit of spend as required.

Reducing overheads and improving efficiency

Significantly streamline operations and drive efficiencies by simply providing Service Users, appointees or council employees with a prepaid Mastercard® account, which can receive both bank transfers and cash payments.

Replace cash and cheque payments and improve internal reconciliation and oversight of payments with real time transaction tracking and the ability to easily download Service User transaction data.

Make any kind of payments to Service Users

Providing Cashplus prepaid Mastercard accounts to Service Users is the ideal electronic benefits disbursement solution:

In addition, the account is also the ideal solution for distributing payments to council employees and appointees, instead of providing them with cash!

Increase both spend control and end user flexibility

Service Users, appointees and council employees can all be issued with Cashplus prepaid Mastercard cards which will allow them to spend funds which have been paid to them by the Council or local authority. Service Users will also be able to pay any personal contributions onto the Cashplus card, via a transfer from their bank account or cash at any UK Post Office branch.

Cardholders will be able to:

Make Card payments and withdraw cash

With the Cashplus Mastercard anywhere that the Mastercard Acceptance Mark is displayed.

Set up Direct Debits and Standing Orders

Service Users can pay carers and other services that don’t accept card payments via Direct Debit, Standing Order or one-off electronic transfer.

Can have spending controlled by the local authority

As required, the local authority/Council has the option to block certain transaction types – e.g. gambling or ATM withdrawal transactions.

To discuss your requirements and find out how our bespoke solutions can start to help your council to streamline its disbursement processes and significantly cut costs, please call us on 0203 535 7200 Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm. Calls may be recorded. Or email us at: [email protected].