The Cashplus Direct Debit service works just like any High Street bank’s – allowing you to get any bill sorted out quickly and easily – with one exception – it’s 2 times better than anyone else’s.

That’s because we give you:

Our priority is to make sure your payments are made on time, every time, minimising your administration to save your business time and money, because:

To set up Direct Debits on your Cashplus Account, you’ll need:

We’ll send you an email confirming everything’s set up – Please remember to maintain a sufficient balance in your Cashplus Business Account to cover your payments. You can then manage and view your Direct Debits via Online Servicing under ‘Payments & Transfers’. Please see your Terms and Conditions for details of any relevant fees.

And of course, for complete peace of mind, you’ll be covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee scheme. So if an error is made in the payment of a Direct Debit by the organisation that you wanted to pay, or by Cashplus, a full and immediate refund will be made.

What’s more, you’re also protected if:

Please note that if you’re given a refund that you’re not entitled to, it must be repaid.

You can also pay your business’ bills by Standing Order or one-off payment, with our 24/7 online Payments and Transfers service.