All of our Cashplus Business Cards work like a debit card, so you need to pay money into your account before being able to spend funds or make outbound transfers.

There are lots of easy ways to pay money in and out of the account

Receiving Payments into your account

Via UK bank transfer

Receive funds via same day bank transfer or Standing Order.

Instantly – by paying in at any UK Post Office branch

Pay in cash at over thousands of Post Office branches in the UK.

In minutes – by paying in at Cashplus stores

Pay in cash across the UK – Money is available in minutes.

Via our international payments service

Receive international payments into your Cashplus Business Account.

Make outgoing payments

Via Cashplus online Payments and Transfers

Set up Standing Orders or one-off payments – 24/7.

Via Direct Debit

Works like any High Street bank account – only better.

With your Cashplus Mastercard

Pay any company that displays the Mastercard Acceptance Mark.