The Cashplus Business Account comes with Euro and Dollar currency Mastercard® cards which can be added on to your account and are quick to order.

Travel related expenses are one of the largest outlays for many businesses. And managing your employees’ expenses and exchanging foreign currency isn’t only time consuming, but can also be expensive.

Now you can save time and hassle by centrally managing your employees’ overseas expenses with our Cashplus currency cards.

Conveniently order and administer the cards via our centralised account management system called Online Servicing. You’ll be able to move funds from your Cashplus Business Account to your Currency Cards in minutes online and enjoy the following benefits:

And unlike with cash, if the card is lost or stolen, your money is safe – we’ll replace the card and the money on it, as long as the card was used in line with our Terms and Conditions.

Order your currency cards now

If you’re already a Cashplus Business Account holder, getting your currency cards is very quick and easy:

  1. Login to Online Servicing
  2. Click on the ‘Foreign Currency Card’ button
  3. Confirm your personal details
  4. Select ‘Euro card’, ‘US Dollar card’ or both and apply
  5. Your new Card(s) will be with you in 3-5 working days

If you don’t already have a Cashplus Business Account, you can apply for one today. Then once your account's is set up, just follow steps 1-5 above.

Getting currency has never been easier

Once you have your Cashplus Euro or US Dollar card(s), exchanging your sterling currency is simple. You can transfer funds online from your Cashplus GBP Account through Online Servicing from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet access.

How it works:

Travel money simplified – your questions answered

What if my business usually uses cash?

Once your employees are abroad, they can just withdraw Euros or US Dollars from any cash machine that displays the Mastercard Acceptance Mark free of charge1. There are also no purchase fees or monthly fees for the currency card if used for transactions in the card’s currency1. And unlike cash, if the card’s lost or stolen we can replace the card and the money on it as long as the card has been used in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

What do we do with any money left on the currency card at the end of the business trip?

At the end of your employee’s travels, either leave your Euros or US Dollars on your currency card’s account so that it’s ready for the next business trip, or simply transfer the currency back into your Cashplus Business Mastercard card’s GBP account in Online Servicing.

1For Euro currency card transactions made in Euros and US dollar card transactions made in US Dollars. Please note: some ATMs in Europe and most ATMs in the USA will charge a fee.