Your new Current Account. Open in 4 minutes

As long as we can verify your name and address it’s yours

You’re just taps away from your new Cashplus Debit Card and Account

We’re about keeping it simple. We want to make managing money as fast, and as easy as possible for you.

If it’s a straightforward alternative to a High Street Bank Account you need, we won’t let a credit check get in the way of opening one. And we can approve your application in seconds.

With a Cashplus Debit Card, you’ll always have a safe way to shop online or in stores worldwide, wherever you see the Mastercard Acceptance Mark.

And if you want to improve your credit score, that’s exactly what our award winning Creditbuilder’s here for and it can be added to your account at no extra cost.

Get An iDraft

Apply for a credit line up to £250 ready to use whenever your money runs out.


Direct Debit Service

Debit Protect – Up to £1,000 one-off emergency loan to cover bills when you’re short of money in your account.


Improve Your Credit Rating

We could help you build or improve your credit rating at no extra cost.